The Stadia in Caria

Paavo ROOS

Arkhaia Anatolika 5. Sayı

Arrival Date : 28.11.2021 | Acceptance Date : 29.01.2022

DOI : 10.32949/Arkhaia.2022.41 | Release Date : 4.2.2022 17:30:54


The ancient stadia form a part of a vast field that includes buildings and the athletic activity performed in them. This article is confined to the buildings, and although the source material to the existence of stadia consists of literary and epigraphic evidence as well as the archaeological remains only the latter are dealt with here. Remains of stadia are common in a large part of the ancient world – but not always recognizable – but the most important part is Greece and Anatolia.

In Anatolia there are some well preserved stadia in sites like Aphrodisias, Laodiceia, Cibyra and Perge. Naturally the best preserved specimens are normally also well studied, even though there are exceptions. The best preserved ones are usually from the Roman period, and if they have had earlier predecessors, this is seldom visible. There are hardly remains from Pre-Hellenistic time.  

The article deals with only with the province of Caria in the south-western part of Anatolia which has some of the most interesting specimens of them. There are both well preserved specimens and such that leave few remains but are still – or have been – interesting. A short catalogue of the stadia in the province is provided.

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